Forth to Farne Way

Celebrating the historic ties between St Andrews, Lindisfarne and Durham

North Berwick to Lindisfarne

A 72 mile (115 km) long distance trail between North Berwick on the Firth of Forth and Lindisfarne that has been walked in both directions over the centuries by countless pilgrim.

The Forth to Farne Way is a new Pilgrim Route which makes use of existing core paths and sections of long distance walking routes with optional branches to places of spiritual, natural heritage and cultural importance.
We hope that walking this Way will bring a sense of achievement and the opportunity to reflect on life's journey.
The Pilgrim Journey's full distance is 72 miles, that can be enjoyed in 11 stages.

The website which is presently under development plans to provide section by section information and walking instructions. There will also be sections that tell the story of the walk be it the religious, historical, natural history or environmental elements of the route.
It is the hope that the website will also develop a comprehensive services section where accommodation, shops, restaurants and tearooms will be listed along with other supporting information such as transport links etc.

While this site is in its development stage, any information or comments should be made by e-mailing to

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